Coronavirus Support for Small Businesses

Coronavirus is affecting everyone and unfortunately, small businesses are being hit hard by this pandemic. There are, no doubt, some tough times ahead for many of us. 

However, there are resources available to you to help you through this period. We've collated a directory of resources below that you can use or implement to support
your small business.

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In this technological age of convenience, big businesses are stomping on the market and forcing real people with unique and exciting products to the wayside.

It's our mission to help Small Businesses get found online. Every penny spent with a small business is appreciated 100 times more and helps to create a more diverse and fair marketplace for all.

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Local Shop Owner

Coronavirus has affected us all in some way or another. Times like these are testing for everyone and changing life as we know it. No doubt, it is a scary time for many of us. 

One group of people particularly affected by the outbreak are your local business owners. Without being able to open their doors and welcome in their customers, they have no choice but to adapt and overcome to see their doors open once again when this is all over.

With that being said, the support for local businesses despite the difficulties of social distancing has been overwhelming. Thousands of people are finding new and innovative ways to continue to support the stores in their area. Find out more about what you can do and the impacts of shopping local here.

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