Coronavirus Support for Small Businesses

Coronavirus is affecting everyone and unfortunately, small businesses are being hit hard by this pandemic. There are, no doubt, some tough times ahead for many of us. 

However, there are resources available to you to help you through this period. We've collated a directory of resources below that you can use or implement to support
your small business.

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In this technological age of convenience, big businesses are stomping on the market and forcing real people with unique and exciting products to the wayside.

It's our mission to help Small Businesses get found online. Every penny spent with a small business is appreciated 100 times more and helps to create a more diverse and fair marketplace for all.

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The We Buy Small Small Business Quotes Library

We've seen a huge amount of engagement around the #WeBuySmall campaign in, what are still, its early days. Now, we want to help support you in encouraging these conversations on your own social feeds.

We’ve put together a library of Small Business Quotes. Designed to help support and encourage makers, creatives, independent store owners and their audiences! 

This library of quotes is entirely free for you to use on your social media, website and anywhere else you wish to share them. All we ask is that you credit / tag us wherever you can and link back to where possible.

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