Valentine's Day 2020

On the 14th February every year, couples go out of their way to celebrate romantic love on Valentine's Day and rekindle all the warm, fuzzy feelings they had when they first started courting. It's a chance to remind your partner just how much they mean to you and make them feel as special as they are.

We've put together a selection of heart-warming cards and gifts from independent businesses that are made to do just that. You won't find these items on the high street so they are perfect for going that extra mile to get your partner something unique and thoughtful. All the while supporting someone to do what they love, too. 

Valentine's Day Cards

A Bee-autiful card for sending Valentine's wishes that has been embedded with wildflower seeds for the bees!

The message inside this card simply reads "I Love You" and is a sweet sentiment for your fellow lovebird.

Personalise this card to match you and your partner's hairstyles and finish it off with your own message.

If you're cute as buttons together, then make sure to say it with this adorable handmade card.

No need to buy flowers with this card. Your partner can plant it after Valentine's Day and watch them grow!

One word with a lot of meaning. This card is one for "the one" and is sure to make their heart melt.

This quirky card is fab for showing your love to the partner you're voyaging through life with.

A great idea for baby's first Valentine's Day and is sure to make any new Dads glow on the inside.

Some couples profess their love from the rooftops, others revel in the more... subdued sentiments 

This stunning card features fabric applique swans (known to mate for life) scanned onto recycled card.

Have you got different ideas as to who loves who more? Put the argument to bed with this fun card.

Is there a stronger bond than between a squirrel and their acorn? Maybe yours - In which case this card is perfect. 

Say it with succulents this Valentine's Day. This card's funny play on words is fab for the plant lover in your life.

A reminder that love can be found in the unlikeliest of places. Proceeds help support Little Bird SOS.

I hate you = I love you in some couple's vocabulary. After all... A lifelong bond can be hard work sometimes!

Valentine's Day Gifts

"Cat Lady" Enamel Badge

This gorgeous little anklet can be personalised with your partner's initial in a range of different styles

For anyone who loves butterflies, this is an amazing gift allowing you to grow butterfly-friendly blooms!

Treat your partner to a fabulous gift box containing a mug, candle and lip balm. 10% profit supports the bees too!

Brighten up their wall with this stunning and colourful piece of artwork from Mark Betson.

This adorable pendant makes for a great gift with Spring just around the corner. Comes in a presentation gift box.

  • movie_quotes_coaster2.jpg
  • movie_quotes_coaster3.jpg
  • movie_quotes_coaster1.jpg

    Choose from a range of romantic movie quotes or get in touch if there's another that you have in mind!

    What better way to tell them how much you care than with this special print that they can cherish.

    This amazing necklace draws from Celtic inspiration and has been handmade with love and care.

    Inspired by a love of the forest. This stunning silver ring resembles delicate twigs that circle your finger.

    This interesting character is made from bamboo root and has been hand-dressed. Each is completely unique!

    A gift that keeps on giving for the bookworm in your life. Receive a carefully selected, pre-loved book each month!

    • polymer_ring_1.jpeg
    • polymer_ring_2.jpeg
    • polymer_ring_3.jpeg
    • polymer_ring_4.jpeg

      Drawing inspiration from everything tribal, native and coastal. No two rings are ever the same.

      For when you want to let them know how much they mean to you... but you don't want to get too carried away.

      A stunning little jewellery box with brass marquetry. The hand embroidery inside adds a sentimental touch.

      This fun, digital artwork comes in a selection of different colours and is sure to brighten up any wall.

      A gorgeous hand-embroidered hoop. "l.o.m.l" stands for "love of my life", so perfect for that special someone.

      The bond between lobsters is thought to be lifelong. This unusual keepsake is a fab gift for your fellow lobster!

      Sweet woody notes of rosewood, floral notes of English lavender, on a base of sandlewood and vanilla.

      There are many timeless love classics but this print is the perfect way to say there's none quite as good as yours.

      Am amazing gift set for any book lover including a hand picked read, chocolate, tea and more.

      Pink roses represent gratitude, appreciation and admiration. The perfect way to say "I love you".

      These pretty little stud earrings are handcrafted from ecosilver and will look gorgeous as part of any outfit.

      This elegant wrap-around dressing gown is made from floral indian cotton and trimmed with light turquoise.

      • cwatches_heart_1.jpg
      • cwatches_heart_2.jpg
      • cwatches_heart_3.jpg
      • cwatches_heart_4.jpg
      • cwatches_heart_5.jpg

        These colourful wreaths come in a range of different colours and sizes and are a vibrant feature for any room.

        Who doesn't love a good pun? Especially when it's romantic and accompanied by a succulent.

        This beautiful bangle contains two central reverse polarity magnets and comes in different finishes.

        Choose from a range of native and exotic woods as well as various gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind accessory.

        • os_adrestia.jpg
        • os_nurture.jpg
        • os_radiance.jpg

        Luxurious, rich plant oils are blended with specially chosen essential oils for a number of therapeutic effects.

        Made from the rare Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite and set in sterling silver. This is a truly unique piece to wear!

        Delicious raspberry jam and shortbread base with a smooth coating of white chocolate. Topped with Jammy Dodgers.

        Your first kiss? First Date? Where you met? Bring back the fond memories of where it all began with this key ring.

        • gc_star_wars.jpeg
        • gc_friends.jpeg
        • gc_bees.jpeg
        • gc_avocado.jpeg
        • gc_donuts.jpeg

          Full of puns and famous references, there's sure to be a cookie pack that's perfect for you both to share!

          Inspired by the heart of the woodland and dappled sunlight glinting on the silver birches.

          A unique blend of dead sea salts, botanicals, plant oils and extracts. A 100% natural alternative to bath bombs.

          The vast majority of wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Be kind to the planet and your partner with this gift wrap.

          Made from 100% natural soy wax, poured into recycled green/brown wine & beer bottle containers.

          They'll love these smart and sophisticated cufflinks made from exotic wood offcuts and and plated with rhodium.

          Get in touch with Ink Imaginarium to get a custom Chibi illustration of you and your partner drawn up!

          This masculine scent has depths of musk and hints of spice. A delightful modern scent for the discerning gent!

          This stylish porcelain necklace makes for a romantic token and can be purchased as part of a gift set. 

          A dazzling filigree heart locket that has been filled with a trio of blue sea glass found on Seaham Beach. 

          Remember a special moment that you and your partner shared with an everlasting long-stemmed paper rose.

          Born from a love of nature, ‘Loveheart Foxes’ is based on Candabytes original hand-drawn illustration in pen/ink. 

          • os_rose_salts.jpeg
          • os_clary_sage_ylang.jpg
          • os_briny.jpg

            These salts combine botanicals and essential oils for an aromatic and incredibly soothing bath.

            This dainty necklace will shimmer and sparkle around your partners neck and is sure to grab attention.

            This double keyring is an adorable symbolic guesture to give to a loved one who is holding your heart.

            This sweet artwork features the Elles and Hob characters and can be personalised with a short message at the bottom. 

            This purse is made from stylish, high quality materials and is customisable in a variety of ways.

            This handmade wooden pen  has been created from a block of pink ivory wood and is great for phones too.

            This dazzling, colour-shifting pigment will bring an extra bit of sparkle to their complexion this Valentine's Day.

            (In their honest opinion). Pairing bergamot notes with cedar wood that you have to get up close to smell.

            Add your essential oil to a pad and benefit from the aromas while carrying this keyring with you. Comes gift boxed. 

            Tell them "I love you" in the language that means the most to you with this gorgeous Scrabble tile frame.

            These adorable crochet hearts would make a wonderful accompanying gift to chocolates, flowers and more.

            These cufflinks feature a thin section of a rose as seen under a microscope. An interesting gift for a lover of science.

            • kalax_cushion_1.jpg
            • kalax_cushion_2.jpg

              These vibrant and colourful cushions are sure to brighten up any room, as well as someone's day!

              This face mask contains chamomile and sunflower. A calming blend, especially good for sensitive skin.

              Designed to fit an iPad Mini or similar sized items. A practical gift featuring a little bit of fairytale magic. 

              Choose from a selection of rejuvenating oils that will leave them feeling fresh, revived and smelling amazing.

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