Gift Ideas For Him

Looking for a gift for the special man in your life? You'll find tons of inspiration and ideas below from independent businesses.
Each seller offers their own unique items that he won't have come across in the highstreet. You can't go wrong with this fantastic selection of items and you'll also be supporting a small business owner with every purchase.

This belt is both fashionable and practical and will last for years and years. Made using English bridle leather.

Contains Dead Sea salts, magnesium rich Epsom salts and botanicals all scented with pure essential oils. 

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Choose from a range of native and exotic woods as well as various gemstones to create a one-of-a-kind accessory

Create a unique gift by adding a secret message to the back, something public on the front or both to this tie clip. 

With loads of soft absorbent noodles, the microfibre wash mitt can hold loads of water and lifts off dirt with ease. 

These antique cutlery sets have been up-cycled, re-purposed & connected to a nickel plated Mach 3 razor .

This soap makes for a smooth, soft shave and has a sweet deep vanilla scent will leave him feeling warm and content.

For the sportsman in your life, this smart white hoodie is designed to keep him dry and comfortable while training.

This gorgeous soft NuHide Leather Look zip bag can be personalised to your loved ones initials. 

Has he been waiting since his birthday for new socks? A subscription will keep those threadbare toes at bay! 

Enjoy two delicious bags of 100% Columbian ground coffee and a bag of Harrie's special blend of decaf. 

Know someone who loves biking? Send over a picture of them in their team colours and have them made to order!

Features the quote: "I know you have loved me since i was born... but i have loved you my whole life"

Made in traditional copper with magnet modules, this bangle moulds around the wrist.

This meteorite fell to Earth around 1 million years ago. Now set in solid silver, this is a rare item to wear!

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